We Were Very Close But Now He is Dating My Best Friend and I am Jealous

I was very close to this guy while we were both in our freshman year in the university. Our closeness was so much that we were always  seen together.

We never officially dated, but on a number of occasions we have both stolen a few moments but have not slept together.

Some time ago we had a misunderstanding and this affected our relationship. Although I later apologized, things were never the same with us again. We have begun exchanging messages  and calls but the problem now is that he is not quite close to me as before and is now dating my best friend.


The sight of the two of them together always puts me off balance to the extent that I am distracted when I am studying. Myself, this guy and my best friend are all course mates and we are in our final year now. I am very jealous of their union because I see them together almost everyday, and this bothers me.

Please what do you suggest I do to put all those thoughts out of my mind, after all I never dated this guy, and he has made his choice.

But I cant help thinking of them together and I am feeling hurt each time. It is really affecting me and I dont want to flop in my final exams. Help me.

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