She Got Married Soon After We Lost Touch, Now She is Begging Me to Come Back

I dated my ex girlfriend for five years before we lost contact three years ago when she told me that she was going to visit her older brother who lived outside our state.

That same day she travelled, I lost my phone and we lost touch for the next three months. I later got to find out that soon after she got to her brothers place, his friend had taken her out and eventually they started dating.

I also learnt that she was about to get married and was even pregnant for the guy. I also got to see her wedding invitation and that was when I decided to stay off because all the while I was trying to reach her after getting a new phone and her new number (she later changed her line), she refused to respond.


Now, three years into her marriage and she is bombarding my phone with calls which I too have refused to pick, so she sent text messages telling me she wants to come back to me because she was not happy in her marriage. She narrated her experience when she put her second child to bed and pleaded with me to forgive her and accept her back.

Please I need your advise.What do you think is the best thing to do? Presently I am dating another young lady but honestly I don’t know if the affair is going anywhere. How can I accept a woman who is married to another man with two kids, when I know it is wrong.

I am confused and I am not sure how I feel for this woman anymore. Help me, because I no longer have peace of mind because of her persistent calls.

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