People Say that I May Be Possessed Because I Find it Hard to Keep a Relationship

I am 20 years old, a female and yet to gain admission into the university because I am real serious to further my education.

Please, I need your advise on this problem I have. I have been involved intimately to several guys but I never get to love them as much as they do me. I feel I am incapable of loving because I always get turned off whenever I start dating any guy. Because of this I have so many guys in my life who are pressuring me for serious relationships and even marriage.


I have slept with several of them and the out come is that either they keep pressuring me more and more for it because they have all claimed that I am sweet or some ill-luck befalls them.

My friends tell me I may be possessed by an evil spirit and probably have a spirit husband but I don’t know what to believe. Not that I don’t love, but I love only my family members and relatives. What do you think.Am I really possessed? If so how do I solve this problem because I am really not comfortable with my life.

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