My Husband’s Niece is Lying Against Me to Him and Their Family

Presently I am happily married with a beautiful daughter and a loving husband.I am 38 years old and my husband of six years is 43.

My hubby’s niece stays with us in our house and I have taken this young lady of twenty-three years as a daughter and a younger sister. I regularly cover up for her in behalf of my husband, and we even share a lot of things including my shoes and clothes, to show our closeness.

The problem now is that this young lady is going about telling her folks how bad I am. I stumbled on a personal diary of hers where I read how she described me as a “black hearted” person, and of course I was shocked at this discovery.

The matter started a few months ago when I discovered my expensive wrist watch was missing. I asked her if she took it and she denied it. Not long after, I accidentally went through her bag in search of something when I saw my lost wrist watch.


I confronted her again and she still denied it until I showed the watch to her and threatened to tell her uncle (my hubby) who is also a very strict and no nonsense guy.

I did not mean it though, but this young lady now created enmity between us. She avoids me and does not greet me. I was only expecting her to apologise and I would have let the matter rest, but she only apologised to her uncle after she admitted taking the watch and decided to slander me before my in-laws.

I am very sad now because her malice has pushed her to destroy and tarnish my reputation before my husband’s family. Please advise me on what to do because I am also confused and scared silly of loosing my beautiful home.

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