My Girlfriend is Pregnant for Me But Her Parents do Not Like Me

I met my present girlfriend in June this year. She is twenty-two years old and I am twenty-three. I love this girl so much that I have since proposed to her to marry me.

She refused and said we can only continue as lovers because there is a guy who she already intends to marry. The guy is thirty years old and has been sponsoring my girls education. Now she is about to graduate and really needs a lot of money to round up her studies. I don’t have a job yet and I live with an uncle who has two wives.

The parents of my girl don’t approve of me and prefer the other guy, but the problem now is that around August, my girl told me she was pregnant and that I was responsible.

Although I was elated at this news, I decided to consider my girls plight by asking her to go for an abortion. She bluntly refused to my surprise and told me we should watch how things would turn out.


My girls mother has decided to push things too far by trying to convince her to say the pregnancy belongs to the other guy, who also reside in the same street my girls parents stay. The mother even went to the extent of informing my uncles wife that the pregnancy is not for me.

I have again called my girl and she is very unnerved about the whole matter. She says she has no money to round up her studies and this other guy was all her hope. Although her mother is quite remorse for what she did, but they (herself and her husband) really want their daughter to be a graduate.

Please advise me on what to do, because I love this girl and I am willing to marry her. Again even if she decides to marry the other guy because of obvious reasons how can I live with the fact that another man is claiming to be the father of my child.

My girl has still not decided whether to go ahead with the abortion or not. Advise me please!

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