My Friend is Encouraging Me to Marry Her Ex Who Cheated on Her

My best friend dated her ex while they where both still in the university. As fate would have it I met this ex of hers accidentally and he is presently professing his undying love for me.

I brought this to the attention of my friend and to my surprise she is encouraging me to accept him. I learnt that the reason they both broke up was because the guy cheated on her with another girl.


This young man has achieved all that a man should achieve in life. He is wealthy, educated and handsome. Now he says he wants a wife to complete his aspirations and he is in love wih me.

What beats me especially is that my friend is 100% in support of our relationship and is always pushing me to return this guys calls when I decided not to have anything to do with him. She (jokingly) asked me if I dont want her to be my chief brides maid at the wedding.

Please advise me because I am a lot taken aback by my friends solidarity. Is it wise of me to go ahead with this relationship or is my friends attitude false pretense?

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