My Father Wants Me to Choose Between My Wife and My Family


I have been married to my wife for the past ten years now and we are yet to have any children. My wife does not have a good rapport with my family and she does not even call them. This development has not been long since I observed it, and it is creating a gulf between us and my family.

My mother was very ill some time ago and was admitted to the hospital. All through the time at the hospital she did not call my mum. After that my dad also became very ill  and never got a call from my wife to sympathise with him. Although before now my wife has complained to me that my folks are always cold to her when she calls them which is why she stopped.

The reason was obvious because my parents are expecting grand children from her which she is yet to give them especially considering the fact that I am the only son of my parents. I have four other siblings  who are all females.


Lately my parents informed me that my younger sister will be getting married and I needed to be present because I stay out of town.

My father further told me I must not come with my wife. But I insisted I will come with her and he told me she would not enter his house. I have no house of my own for now and I still love my wife very much despite everything. For this reason I told them I would not come to the marriage.

My problem now is that my father has sent me another message to choose between my wife and my family because they are no longer in support of our marriage.

Please advise me. What should I do ? Should I leave my wife who I still love very much or allow my family disown me because of her. I need wise counselling please!

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