My Father Threatened to Disown Me If He Sees Me With My Boyfriend

I have resolved never to get married in my life, but I need your opinion on the matter. I am twenty-six years old female and an apprentice in fashion designing. My parents especially my father is against me marrying the love of my life, a young man of thirty who is still in the university and not yet working.

The reason for this, according to my father is that the man is from a poor family background and jobless. This man is also from my village and the general impression a lot of people have about my village is that the male folks are very lazy and their wives suffer a lot for this. My father strongly believes this and so does not want me to marry him fearing that I would suffer if I do.


In truth this notion is not incorrect because my man is very different. He is hardworking and serious. He presently assists his mother who is handicapped with her eatery business. I love him so dearly but I have been advised before not to disobey my parents. My father has already threatened to disown me if he sees me with this guy again.

Do you think my decision is wise because I have agreed to adhere to my parents wishes and sacrifice my happiness. I feel that is the price I will pay if I dont marry this love of my life.

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