My Boyfriend Has Changed Ever Since He Discovered the Many Lies I Told Him

I am 27 years old and during my birthday five months ago, I met this guy. He is twenty-nine and very handsome and when he asked me out soon after, I agreed to go out with him.

I have really come to love this guy very much because he is kind and caring. He also shows genuine affections for me and never gets angry with me.

But I have a problem which is entirely my fault. Because I wanted to create a good impression to this guy, I had lied about a lot of things about myself.


Lately, he somehow got hold of my phone and came across the chat conversations I had with a girlfriend of mine. the conversation revealed a lot of things I had been hiding from my boyfriend and this no doubt surprised him.

He confronted me with this discovery and I could not deny it. I pleaded and apologised to him.

Please help me with advise because this guys attitude has really changed ever since he found out about my lies. I have tried to do everything possible for him to have a change of impression but instead this guy is drifting more and more away from me. I love this guy and I don’t want to loose him but it seems he is turned off by my lies. Do you think I should move on with my life, despite the fact that I have apologised to him and promised to change?

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