I Was Tricked and Molested By a Guy and Now I am Psychologically Traumatized

I am a girl of 21years of age and was a virgin until recently.

Before my mother died she made me promise to remain chaste till my marriage, and I did promise her. That was five years ago but lately, I went on a visit to my country home to see my father and siblings and that was when I met this guy.

He seemed so nice and I was taken in by his gentility. He deceived me to accompany him to his uncle’s office because he assured me that his uncle will give me a job.


I was so shocked when he took me to his own house and not an office and there forcefully slept with me. I was so ashamed and devastated by this assault that I could not open up to anybody, not even my father or my brothers.

The problem is that I am now psychologically traumatized because I keep having nightmares of the incident. I cannot stand the sight of any man now because I have this serious hatred for men now. Please help me with counseling. How do I make these nightmares stop and get over my psychological depression so that I can live a normal life once again. Help me.

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