I Love My Fiance But I am Afraid that My Bad Character Might Ruin the Relationship

I want to be very candid in explaining my problem to you. I have a guy who really loves me and is keen on marrying. I am twenty-eight and matured enough for marriage but my problem is my family.

I come from a large polygamous family that has been wrecked by all sorts of scandals ranging from fault finding, gossips, bad mouthing and adultery, lying and cheating. They are also hypocrites to their professed religion of Islam.


My fear is that since I was brought up in this environment I may have imbibed all this negative characters; I say this because not quite long ago my fiance accused me of arguing a lot over little things. I was really scared when he mentioned this but I could not open up to him about the kind of family background I come from.

Please I need advise. Do you think this negative characters in my family is in me and would eventually manifest itself in my marital life. Help me I am desperate for a solution.

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