I Discovered He Had Another Girl So I Broke Up But People Say I Should Forgive Him

I am 19 years old and dating a guy of twenty-three who is in the university. We started dating this year and I love this guy very well, because he shows me love and is caring too.

The problem is that he did not initially tell me that he had another girlfriend and I found out. I was very cross with him when he tried to deny it.

Well I later over looked the whole issue and lately he opened up to me that he was truly going out with that other girl of his but that I am the one he loves the most.


I was really disappointed by his admission so I quit our relationship. But now I am confused because it has been three months since I broke up with him but it seems that every where I go every body is pleading with me to forgive this guy.

Please I need advise. What do you think ? Should I have a rethink or avoid this guy who does not seem to be truthful. I care for him but is it enough for me to hurt myself?

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