He Hopes to Marry and Settle Down With Me But I Don’t Love Him So Deeply

Two years ago I was so depressed and heart broken over a break up with my ex boyfriend. I was advised by my friends not to be alone all the time so that the memories of the past relationship would not haunt me.

I am just twenty-four years old and at this time I met this other guy I am presently dating. He saw me in an eatery, sitting alone with grief written all over my face.

He had walked up to me and chatted me up. I was very impressed with his compliments and before I knew it I agreed to see him again and weeks after started to date him after lots and lots of pressure and convincing on his part.


The problem is that a few months ago, he told me about a plot of land he intended to buy. He explained that he had managed to pay half of the money but he needed me to top it up for him so we can realize the dream of having a home of our own when we got married.

The truth of the matter is that I am not crazily in love with this guy to the extent of rushing into marriage with a guy I have not fully come to understand within the two years of our relationship.

Of course we have slept together severally and the experience is always enjoyable but I feel that it is not enough to measure true love. Not that I do not ask this guy for financial assistance, but lately he accused me of using him to get over my heart break so hat eventually I will dump him for another man. We spent over an hour on the phone arguing this issue out, and we mutually agreed to give ourselves time. Although we have not broken up, but we are not seeing each other anymore.

Please I want to know if I am wrong on this issue because I don’t want to make an error I will regret in the future. Advise me. Thank you.

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