He Broke up With me Because I Threatened the Girl He Was Cheating With

My boyfriend of two years has broken up with me because I threatened the girl he was cheating with . I am nineteen years of age and this guy is twenty-three years old. We both school at the polytechnic and I love this guy so much that I have rejected every offer by guys to date me .

The whole story is that I found out my guy was cheating on me a while ago and when I accosted him, he did not deny but told me he was only fooling around with this girl and within a short time he will get rid of her.

The annoying part of it all is that my boyfriend gave this girl access to his social media account and she even chats with me from it. I have before now sent threatening messages to this girl to stay off my man but my guy was not aware. I confronted my guy on the issue and he again pleaded that I should give him a little time to end the relationship with this other girl.


Two days ago I saw another message from this girl on my boyfriend’s wall, and I sent a responding message to her to leave my guy alone or else her parents will mourn her. This girl went to tell her mother who called my guy and warned him of repercussions if anything happened to her daughter.

That same day my boyfriend called me and told me we were no longer dating because he heard what I did and cannot bear the humiliation. I was utterly shocked to say the least.

I am also aware that he has broken up with the other girl too and now I am so confused and guilt ridden. Help me please and advise me on what to do to get my man back because I love him and feel like dying if I loose him!

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