After Five Months of Dating His Behaviour Has Changed

I am in a hopless state of confusion and the reason is that my mans attitude has became strange.

I am a grown up lady of marriageable age, so also this man of mine and we have been dating for about five months now. We regularly have issues of he not spending enough time or giving me proper attention. Initially I understood his plight because he was spending all his time with his uncle who was involved in a serious accident. But when he got much better, my guy’s attitude became worse rather than improve. He stopped calling me and sending me text messages or even chatting with me online.


I am the one who’s always doing the calling and on one of such calls he told me that all relationships did not necessarily end up in marriage. He told me to stop complaining that I was being childish. Much later we were chatting and I told him I was realty hurt by his attitude. Again he repeated what he told me before and advised that we should both take things step by step.

Please help me with candid advise because I really love this guy. Do you think five months is not enough for two matured people in a relationship to know where it is headed. Advise urgently needed.

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