We Seem to Love Each Other So Much But Why Has He Not Proposed?

I am a lady of 38 years by age. I am presently in a relationship with a guy of thirty-six.

We have known each other now for close to two months and within this period we have known each other  it is as if we were born together for a long time. I love him dearly and I am sure he loves me as much.

We spend a lot of time together because he stays over at my place at least three times in a week, and we are always communicating on phone.


My problem now is that with all this expression of love my guy has not openly come out to propose marriage to me, so that at least we will know the relationship is going some where.

Although he keeps addressing me as his ‘wife’ and has introduced me to his elder sister, he is yet to show any sign of proposing.

Please advise me because I don’t know if I am the one who is being too fast. Do you think it is too early for such a development between two matured adults like us? Again I am considering that we are both not getting any younger. What can I do ?

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