I Lost Interest in Her Because She Started Getting too Close to Her Ex Who Dumped Her

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I met my girl friend three years ago when she was just recovering from a break up with her ex boyfriend and she was really devastated then.

I managed to find this out from her best friend but I pretended to her that I was not aware. She was initially difficult when I was trying to ask her out and I could not blame her because she was still hurt over her failed relationship.

Well for this reason I decided to give her all my affections, care and love and with time she gradually got over her guy and I asked her to date me.

The problem now is that nine months into our relationship, her ex is again having contacts with her. I have noticed her mixed feelings over the choice between me and this ex of hers and what pains me most is that she picks this guys calls even at night. I complained about it and she only retorted that she has every right to pick any call she likes.

Lately she has changed and always argues with me. She nags and does things that displeases me. Gradually I am falling out of love for this reason but I have a conscience because honestly this girl was so helpful to me while in the university especially with moral and financial support. In short she was very fundamental to my graduating.

Please advise me because I don’t feel anything for her as I used to before. I must mention that there are signs of changes in her because she no longer receives calls from her ex and I am very certain she has not cheated on me. But I am no longer interested in the affair and need advise as to what I must do to phase this young lady totally out of my mind. Help me.

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