I Gave Her My Password But She Refused to Give Me Her Own

I am presently dating a young lady who I have really come to love to the extent that I gave her the password to my phone to access my chat apps and other social networks

I did not bother to ask for hers anyway and not quite long ago she was at my house and was fiddling with my phone. At a point she seemed very amused as she was going through my chats and messages.

When I asked her what she saw, she became very nasty and said she had a right to see my communications I made her understand that despite the fact that I gave her my password, it was not enough for her to be invading my privacy. I then demanded of her to also give me her password, so we would be square with ourselves.


I was so shocked at the way she reacted when she bluntly refused to divulge it to me, I got angry when she said the reason she wont give me her password was because she did not want to see me hurt or disturbed by the messages on her chat line.

We had a heated argument and that day she left my house with a cold attitude and on my part I ignored her. Later she called me on phone and accused me of being over dramatic.

Please I need to know whether I am the one being over dramatic as she says or is it the reverse what do you think? I need to hear your opinion.

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