He Wants Me to Marry Him After Only 3 Months of Dating, Is it too Soon?

I am 26 years old a female, and a foreigner. I am presently dating a guy who is not of my nationality although we met three months ago overseas.

I have observed that this guy is an over pampered spoilt brat. He is twenty-seven and he has already asked me to marry him after just three months of dating.

We are both compatible in every way that is with regards to background, religion, cultural values, and economic status, but my mind is telling me he is not the right one for me,  because of this reason my feelings for him are not very clear.


Both our parents are known to each other but they are not aware of our relationship.

Please I need your opinion on this matter because I feel three months is not enough to fall in love with any body. Although this guy has asked me to marry him and even suggested the marriage for next year, I am still not comfortable. I want to leave him but I don’t want to hurt his feelings in the process.

please what do you think because I dont love this guy anymore.

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